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Back and Neck Personal Injuries

An accident takes mere seconds to affect and drastically alter an individual’s life. A brain injury or a head trauma may cause disabilities and even at times, death. A head trauma accident may involve a loss of blood from a puncturing of the skull. A head or brain injury that does not cause external bleeding may be even more dangerous because of the after effects of the trauma. These effects may not be as evident or as well-known as an open wound. Closed head injuries may include, but are not limited to, concussions, fractures, intracranial bleeding, or hemorrhaging, all which may lead to a coma. 

Brain or head traumas and accidents may occur as early as birth. During the process of labor, brain accidents and traumas may develop, potentially affecting a child’s future development. Oftentimes, birth defects occur when the birth canal is too small or the baby is too large. A California birth trauma attorney can help to sort through the facts of a specific case while providing legal advice.

Another type of brain injury occurs in infancy and early childhood and is known as Shaken Baby Syndrome, or SBS. The syndrome occurs when a parent or adult abuses a child by shaking the baby aggressively causing brain damage, disabilities, and even death. Half of child abuse that results in death occurs from SBS victims. Normally, an infant is injured due to their fragile state of development; the violent shaking creates a swelling in the brain cavity and an increase in danger for the spinal cord. SBS affects and threatens the lives of helpless children. Personal injury attorneys in Long Beach, California can help to seek justice for innocent children who have been disabled because of this form of abuse.

Children are not the only victims of brain and head traumas. Many adults suffer head injuries from car accidents as the result of whiplash after violent impact. The neck and spinal column is stretched and distorted during a sudden impact, causing pain and headaches. Auto accidents may occur in one’s every day travels, but vehicle collisions can also take place in a work environment or while working for an employer. Brain and head injuries caused in certain industries have serious consequences and sometimes everlasting effects on the victims.

Whatever the factor or cause of a brain injury, workplace injury attorneys of Fontana and catastrophic work injury attorneys of Riverside, Alvandi Law Group, offer free legal advice and confidential consultations without obligation for potential clients. Attorneys can help to protect individual’s and employee’s rights. For lawyers located in the Southern California region, seek legal advice from birth trauma lawyers in Orange County or trauma lawyers in Anaheim. The facts of individual cases are unique, and, therefore, the outcomes may vary. Victims of head traumas should contact attorneys and lawyers for the specifics of their individual situation.