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Catastrophic Back, Neck, and Spinal Injuries From Work

Many back, neck, and spinal injuries are often caused by sudden, traumatic events in a work environment. This may include slips, fall, accidents in the work place, or even while driving a vehicle for the company. Serious back, neck, and spinal injuries occur most often during physical jobs in industries including, but not limited to, electrical and power line repair companies, farming and agricultural, structural and steel fabrication, roofing, logging, fishing, and other types of construction. For any company with two or more employees, the employer is required by law to have workers compensation coverage for the purposes of covering these types of injuries. When an accident occurs in a work environment and an employee is injured, there are necessary steps in order to ensure that the worker is receiving proper care, that their medical expenses are covered, and that the injured worker is financially assisted through the process of recovery. To begin, a workers' injury claim needs to be filed immediately after the accident or injury takes place. Both the employee and employer must sign the claim to acknowledge the accident in order for the claim to be processed by the insurance company. Click HERE for more information about claims and workers compensation. Some minor back and neck injuries require time and rest for full recovery; other more permanent and life altering injuries require surgery and physical therapy to heal. Severe work accidents may prevent an individual from ever recovering full body function, leaving workers with physical and mental disabilities; therefore, consulting or hiring an attorney may help to ensure that an individual is justly treated.

California workers compensation helps to financially cover hospital, medical, and doctor expenses. California compensation also grants temporary wages to the injured worker to help with some financial assistance while the employee is recovering and out of work, called TD or temporary disability. When a claimant’s status is determined not to be further treatable, then the employee may be granted additional funds if the injury was proven to be work related, called PD or permanent disability. California permanent disability is determined by the amount of permanent change that affects an employee’s ability to function going forward after there is no more that can be done for them. It may involve loss of full or partial motion or the use of some part of their body. The extent of that loss of motion or use determines the amount of PD that is awarded. You may need legal representation to advocate for your rights and to assure that you receive all that you are entitled to.

Please be aware that workers compensation laws vary in each state. For information or questions regarding claims and settlements in back, neck and spinal injuries in California, feel free to contact personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles County and employments lawyers in Ontario at Alvandi Law Group.