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Popcorn Lungs: The Dangers of the Buttery Movie Treat

Too much of something is never recommended, but too much of anything, these days, may actually kill you. Wayne Watson, an individual who consumed two bags of popcorn every day for a decade, developed a rare but serious chronic illness known as popcorn lungs, or more scientifically named bronchiolitis obliterans. The inhalation of the buttery aroma, known as diacetyl, from Glister Mary Lee’s microwave popcorn caused Watson discomfort and pain. Diacetyl is not only used to flavor popcorn, but also used to flavor other foods with buttery aromas and tastes, such as margarines and baked goods. Through heating and cooking the popcorn coated in diacetyl then consuming and inhaling the buttery popcorn, Watson was exposed to unhealthy quantities of diacetyl. Watson became newsworthy after his popcorn lung lawsuit and his settlement of $7.2 million. Similarly to Watson’s symptoms, popcorn lung victims develop a dry cough and often have difficulty breathing because of inflammation and scar tissue located in the bronchioles in the lungs. Although rare, people with the irreversible disease suffer and are limited in their activities. Some victims have died from Bronchiolitis obliterans, while others have needed lung transplants in order to live. An occupational hazard now becomes a nationwide concern as specialists further their concern with the nutritional value and content of the food available in the market. To read more about bronchiolitis obliterans and diacetyl, click HERE.

Although Watson’s case and illness is rare, popcorn lung remains a concern for popcorn fanatics. It also remains an occupational hazard for factory workers who were exposed to diacetyl in factories for extended periods of time. As more people develop bronchiolitis obliterans, people with symptoms need to seek immediate medical attention and legal advice. By contacting Alvandi Law Group at ">(800) 980-6905, Personal Injury Attorneys in Long Beach, California can provide a free consultation for people who feel victims of popcorn lung disease.