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Baby Product Recall: Wipes Contamination

As a personal injury attorney, I see many disturbing things. Companies, all too often, are in such a hurry to release new products or to continue the increase in sales that they overlook major issues with the products that they sell. This lackadaisical attitude has cost many people serious bodily injuries, permanent loss of their limbs, and, in too many cases, their lives. Perhaps the most disturbing of the forced recalls made every year are those that relate to products intended for use with babies. Infants are completely innocent. They have caused no harm to anyone and rely entirely on adults to serve their needs. So, when a company sells a product that has the potential to make babies sick, or could be potentially fatal to our little ones, people get upset.

That is exactly what is happening now, as yet another big recall is announced. This time the company in question is Sam’s Club. The wholesale giant has been selling their own brand of baby supplies for quite some time, long enough that people have come to place their trust in the products. Unfortunately, this trust led to millions of sales of the company’s Simply Right baby wipes.

The company issued a message to consumers, which stated that records indicated that the buyer purchased this product and that it could put infants at risk of serious illness. The wipes, it turned out, were tainted with dangerous bacteria.

The recalled items were first offered for sale in July of this year. The company stated in the voluntary recall notice that consumers should immediately discontinue use of the product, which could be contaminated with B. Cepacia bacteria, which is particularly threatening to children with weak immune systems or those suffering with conditions like cystic fibrosis. These bacteria strains can be very difficult to treat, due to a resistance to antibiotics, so this threat should be taken very seriously.

If your child is made ill as a result of a contaminated product, seek the legal advice of an experienced personal injury attorney.