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Rental Cars Recalled? What To Expect When You Rent

With the recent airbag recalls making headlines all over the country, there is a lot of concern regarding the safety of the cars on the road. While you can do a lot to ensure the safety of your own vehicle, when you rent a car, you must trust that the rental company has done what is needed to ensure the vehicle is in tip-top shape. In 2004, a big accident made big media pay attention, when two young women – both in their early twenties – were killed in a fiery car accident. The vehicle, which malfunctioned, was a rental car, a Chrysler PT Cruiser, which had suffered a power steering defect. Not only did this case lead to a huge personal injury lawsuit, which ended in a fifteen million dollar settlement, but it also showcased a major issue in the vehicle rental industry that is, once again, earning attention.

There is a bill on the table with government, named for these two victims, which could force rental car companies to obey all recall notices. However, that has not yet passed, which leaves you at risk when renting a car. You could very well be driving a rental, right now, that falls on the list of airbag recall vehicles and how would you know whether or not that issue had been corrected?

It is important to speak up about potential safety issues when renting a vehicle. Rental companies have various policies regarding recalls, so check the website for the specific company you plan to rent with. You can also check the list of recalled vehicles and cross check that with the car that you rent. If all else fails, ask the company representative on the day that you pick up the car whether or not it has recently had recall-related repairs. Though car rental is convenient, it is not worth risking your life in a recalled car just because the company didn’t want to be bothered to remove the car from the fleet long enough to have it repaired.