Repetitive Strain Injuries in Orange County

Work Injuries Caused by "Wear & Tear"

Workers in nearly any type of field are susceptible to developing repetitive strain injuries (RSI). These injuries occur when performing the same motions over an extended period of time causes stress and strain to muscles, ligaments, tendons, disc, nerves, and other body parts.

From constant typing on a keyboard to using heavy machinery and power tools to lifting heavy objects, there are a wide variety of job functions that can cause an RSI.

  • Some of the most common types of repetitive strain injuries include:
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome, which involves inflammation in the wrist and thumbs
  • Cubital tunnel syndrome, which involves swelling of the nerve behind the elbow
  • Cervical radiculopathy, which involves cervical strain or disc compression in the neck
  • Epicondylitis, or "tennis elbow," which causes swelling and pain in the elbow
  • Tendonitis, which involves overuse of the tendons
  • Stress fractures, which involve tiny cracks in the bone
  • Thoracic outlet syndrome, which causes numbness and tingling in the arms

Walking You Through the Claims Process

If you repeat similar motions at your job throughout the day, you may be at risk for having a repetitive strain injury. In order to recover, you will need medical care, rehabilitative therapy, and even time off from work. Fortunately, it is likely that your injury is covered under worker's compensation benefits.

Our Orange County workers' compensation lawyers at Alvandi Law Group, P.C. have extensive experience preparing and filing workers' compensation claims. We can take care of all the paperwork during the claims process. If we do not win your case, then you do not pay us a dime. Whether you are starting with the initial aspects of your claim or believe that your claim has been unfairly denied, we have an in-depth knowledge of the system to help.

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