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Car accidents can result in life-altering consequences. Whether you've suffered from severe injuries, property damage, or emotional trauma, it's critical to have a knowledgeable car accident lawyer by your side. At Alvandi Law Group, P.C., we understand the physical, emotional, and financial turmoil that follows a car accident. 

Our firm has a long history of successfully representing car accident victims in Corona, CA. We have secured substantial settlements and verdicts for our clients. Our team understands that every case is unique. We take the time to listen to your concerns, assess your specific needs, and tailor our legal strategy to your situation in order to help you recover the compensation you deserve.

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California Car Accident Laws

First, you must know that after a car accident in California, you are legally required to report the accident to the DMV if it resulted in injury, death, or property damage exceeding $1,000. You must also exchange information with the other driver(s) involved, including names, contact information, insurance details, and vehicle registration.

If you are involved in a hit-and-run accident in California, you should report it to the police and your insurance company as soon as possible. Your uninsured motorist coverage may be able to help with your damages if the at-fault driver cannot be identified.

California follows a fault-based system for determining liability in car accidents. This means that the person responsible for causing the accident is generally responsible for covering the damages resulting from it. The at-fault driver's insurance typically pays for the damages.

You must prove the following elements to win a car accident claim:

  • Duty of Care: You must demonstrate that the defendant (the at-fault party) owed a duty of care to you. In California, all drivers owe a duty of care to operate their vehicles safely and follow traffic laws.
  • Breach of Duty: You need to show that the defendant breached their duty of care. This could include actions such as speeding, running a red light, driving while intoxicated, or engaging in any other negligent or reckless behavior.
  • Causation: You must establish a direct link between the defendant's breach of duty and the accident. In other words, you need to prove that the defendant's actions or negligence caused the accident and your injuries.
  • Injuries or Damages: To recover compensation, you need to prove that you suffered injuries or damages as a result of the accident. These damages can include medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

However, if the at-fault party believes you were partially liable for causing the crash, California uses a system of comparative negligence to determine damages when both parties share some degree of fault in an accident. In such cases, each party is assigned a percentage of fault, and their compensation is reduced by their percentage of responsibility. However, if one party is found to be more than 50% at fault, they may not be eligible for compensation from the other party.

Properly presenting evidence is crucial. This includes eyewitness testimony, accident reports, photographs of the scene, medical records, expert testimony, and any other relevant documentation that supports your claim.

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Common Causes of Car Accidents

Car accidents can occur for various reasons, and fault can be attributed to one or more parties involved. Common causes of car accidents include:

  • Distracted Driving: Using a phone, eating, or engaging in other distractions while driving can lead to accidents.
  • Speeding: Driving above the posted speed limits or too fast for road conditions can reduce reaction time and increase the severity of accidents.
  • Reckless Driving: Aggressive behaviors like tailgating, weaving in and out of traffic, and road rage can lead to accidents.
  • Impaired Driving: Operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or prescription medications impairs judgment and coordination, increasing the risk of accidents.
  • Running Red Lights and Stop Signs: Disobeying traffic signals and signs can result in dangerous collisions.
  • Failure to Yield Right of Way: Not yielding when required can lead to accidents, especially at intersections.
  • Weather Conditions: Adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow, ice, or fog can reduce visibility and traction, increasing the likelihood of accidents.
  • Fatigue: Drowsy driving can impair a driver's reaction time and decision-making abilities, making accidents more likely.
  • Mechanical Failures: Vehicle defects or failures, such as brake malfunctions or tire blowouts, can lead to accidents.
  • Inexperienced Drivers: Inexperienced or young drivers may lack the skills and judgment to handle complex driving situations.
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  • $5,400,000 Tree Trimming Accident
  • $4,400,000 Construction Site Accident
  • $1,500,000 Construction Site Accident
  • $850,000 Roofing Injury
  • $700,000 Chemical Exposure

Our Settlements & Verdicts

Recent Case Victories
  • Tree Trimming Accident $5,400,000
  • Construction Site Accident $4,400,000
  • Construction Site Accident $1,500,000
  • Roofing Injury $850,000
  • Chemical Exposure $700,000


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  • I've dealt with Veronica Estrada on several cases, and I must say her work is one of a kind. There is never an issue when certain things need to get taken care of on a case. Prompt responses are always given from this office. I don't think they know what lag even means. I highly recommend this office for anyone in need of representation and wants that personal touch. No one does it better.

    - Daniel
  • I recently sought legal assistance from Alvandi Law Group. Jessica Placensia, Attorney, was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and professional which put me at ease. Great teamwork taboos! Highly recommend this law firm to anyone in need of legal experts.
    - Venesa A.
  • These guys are amazing. Monica is my caseworker and she's prompt and always very responsive and intuitive.
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  • Everyone there was very helpful but Monica Torres went above and beyond she was patient and understanding with me. If you have a workers' comp claim, I strongly recommend Alvandi Law Group.
    - Raymond
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