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If you are looking for a workers’ comp lawyer in Los Angeles or Orange County, you have come to the right place. At Alvandi Law Group, our caseload is 100% workers’ compensation cases and personal injury cases, and our attorneys have recovered more than half a billion dollars for our clients.

Whether insurance is failing to respond to your injury report or your claim has been denied, our attorneys have the proven insights and tenacity to help you overcome every hurdle, making sure you gain full and fair compensation.

When you are already dealing with the aftermath of a workplace accident, you shouldn’t have the added stress of a complicated legal process. Let our workers’ compensation lawyers in Orange County protect your rights in the legal arena while you focus on your recovery.

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  • Jessica fought for him, for our family, from the very first day to the end.

    “Jessica fought for him, for our family, from the very first day to the end.”

    - Wendy A.
  • Highly recommend this law firm to anyone in need of legal experts.

    “I recently sought legal assistance from Alvandi Law Group. Jessica Placensia, Attorney, was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and professional which put me at ease. Great teamwork taboos! Highly ...”

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  • I have had a very positive and world-class 5-star experience.

    “2 words= Sidney Sadeghi! I was looking for an attorney to represent me over the holidays and she was responsive and spectacular in every way imaginable. As a successful business owner, I have hired ...”

    - Goodman J.
  • I will definitely recommend Sidney Sadeghi to everyone she one amazing applicant attorney!

    “I'm a start by saying my Attorney Sidney Sadeghi is amazing! She kicked ass at my depo and settled my case. She did everything I asked, listened and more. Gil also is great, these people care for ...”

    - Maria M.

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    Gil Alvandi founded the Alvandi Law Group, P.C. over 12 years ago and it is now one of the top injury practices in California.

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  • Arash Foroughmand Arash Foroughmand

    Litigation Attorney

    Arash Foroughmand represents injured workers in all aspects of workers’ compensation cases as well as 132(a) and serious and ...
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Verdicts & settlements

Every injury is specific to its own outcome. Not every injury has the same compensation or outcome. Please consult with one of our attorneys regarding your specific case.
  • Construction Site Accident 4,400,000
  • Roofing Injury $850,000
  • Chemical Exposure $700,000
  • Office Work Injury $700,000
  • Repetitive Work Injury $450,000
  • Foot Injury $350,000
  • Traffic Accident $290,000
  • Slip and Fall $150,000
  • Repetitive Work Injury $80,000
  • Foot & Leg Injury $75,000

Coverage for Workplace Accidents & Injuries

Though some jobs are more inherently dangerous than others, all workers face some risks while on the job. From office concerns like trip and falls or electrocutions to construction hazards like falls from height or being struck by an object, any number of workplace accidents can cause serious harms like fractures, internal injuries, and/or brain trauma.

All on-the-job accidents, no matter who is at fault, are covered by workers’ compensation. Employee negligence is not a reason for insurers to say no unless evidence shows that the employer was intentionally misusing equipment or was displaying extreme recklessness, e.g., coming to work intoxicated. If you were injured on the job, workers’ compensation can help pay your medical bills and provide temporary or permanent disability if your injury interferes with your ability to perform your job.

Workplace Violence

Though it’s typically low on employees’ radar, workplace violence caused 9% of fatal workplace injuries in 2017. in fact, violence is one of the top causes of on-the-job death in the US. Workers’ compensation covers attacks, whether from coworkers, clients, or customers, as long as they are related to work. Disputes of a personal nature do not meet the insurance’s terms for coverage, so injuries that result from such fights will not be covered.

Cumulative Injuries and Workplace Diseases

Many employees are forced to perform the same motions repeatedly, whether they involve typing all day or constantly lifting and pulling heavy objects. When these many small actions and impacts add up, they can cause a cumulative injury. Environmental factors can have permanent health effects, too; for example, those in loud workplaces without proper protections may experience hearing loss. Mounting stress and trauma experienced by those in first responder jobs can cause mental illness. Or, exposure to toxic elements can cause lung disease, cancers, or other serious, often lifelong ailments.

All of these types of injuries are eligible for workers’ compensation, but they may be harder to prove. Insurers will try to argue that your injuries or illness were caused by other factors. Work with an experienced legal team to put together medical evidence that can support your claim.

California Workers’ Comp Statistics

In 2018, 682,160 Californians filed workers’ comp claims. Most of those claims (more than 600,000) were for a specific injury—but almost 55,000 California workers filed due to a cumulative injury or illness related to long-term work conditions. Thankfully, few of those who filed had multiple injuries. The most common parts of the body injured were:

  • Lower back
  • Multiple body parts
  • Finger(s)
  • Knee(s)
  • Hand(s)

Strains were the most common type of injury among all filers. Where provided, the most common causes of injury were:

  • Lifting
  • Trip, Slip, and Fall
  • Repetitive Motion

No matter what the cause of your workplace accident, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation to help cover medical bills, lost wages, and more. Don’t wait to get started on your claim.

Claim Denials and Other Setbacks

Why are claims commonly denied? Workers’ compensation insurers have to be on the lookout for fraud—and, the more they pay out for workplace injuries, the less profit they make. Sometimes this can lead to wrongful denial of claims. Common arguments insurers make against workers include:

  • There is insufficient evidence of injury
  • The injury was not caused by your job
  • You do not need medical treatment or disability payments

Insurance adjusters often split hairs when it comes to evaluating claims if they think they can avoid paying for employee treatment. Don’t let them leave you high and dry after a work injury puts you out of commission. Our focused workers’ comp team can help you put together a strong appeal and get the support you’re entitled to.

How Long Do I Have to File for Workers’ Comp?

To qualify for workers’ comp, you must alert your employer about any work-related accident within 30 days of its occurrence. For occupational diseases or repetitive stress injuries, workers often face the harmful circumstances long before suffering the negative health effects of their work. In this case, the report must be made within 30 days of realizing that an injury or illness was likely caused by work.

Though your employer has to report workplace injuries to Cal/OSHA within a week, starting a workers’ comp claim is its own process—one which, due to related costs, your employer has no incentive to start. Your report is the first step of filing a workers’ comp claim. Make sure you do so in the first month after your injury, or you may have to the bear the costs of an accident alone.

My Employer Doesn’t Have Workers’ Comp. What Next?

Despite California’s legal requirements, some employers don’t provide workers’ compensation coverage for their employees. If your employer has failed to protect you and your coworkers, you can still get financial help. California has an Uninsured Employer’s Benefit Trust Fund (UEBTF) specifically for this situation. The fund acts as an insurer, paying out benefits at standard levels. This program helps employees get help as soon as they need it, without having to worry about recovering costs from a stingy employer.

Can I Get Fired or Face Other Retaliation After Filing?

It is illegal for your employer to retaliate against you for filing a workers’ comp claim due to an on-the-job accident. If you face issues including:

  • loss of responsibilities,
  • being re-assigned to worse shifts,
  • change in position or demotion,
  • facing unjustified disciplinary actions, or
  • termination,

you may be able to challenge your employer’s decision. A workers’ compensation lawyer can help you seek reinstatement and backpay for unfair retaliation after a workplace injury and insurance claim.

We understand that after a workplace injury the most important thing for you is focusing on recovery. Our team is here to help when workers’ compensation gets complex. Alvandi Law Group, P.C., has helped clients with hundreds of workers’ comp cases, so we know the answers to your most common questions.

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    Our firm is capable of serving clients in a variety of languages, including Spanish, Farsi & Korean.

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