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California Truck Accident Attorneys

Truck Accident Cases and How Alvandi Law Group Can Help

When you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident, the consequences can be devastating. Dealing with the aftermath, medical bills, and insurance companies can be overwhelming. That's where Alvandi Law Group comes in. As leading truck accident lawyers in California, we have the knowledge, experience, and dedication to help you navigate through the legal complexities and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Our team understands the unique challenges that truck accident cases present. We have a deep understanding of the laws and regulations specific to the trucking industry and are well-versed in handling these complex cases. We will work tirelessly to investigate the accident, gather evidence, and build a strong case on your behalf.

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Unveiling the Grave Risks Posed by Truck Collisions

Truck accidents are particularly dangerous due to the size and weight disparity between trucks and other vehicles. A fully-loaded commercial truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, while a typical passenger vehicle weighs around 3,000-4,000 pounds. The sheer force generated by such a significant weight difference can lead to catastrophic injuries and fatalities in truck accidents.

Moreover, trucks have a higher center of gravity, making them more susceptible to rollovers. Their longer braking distances and limited maneuverability increase the risk of collisions. Additionally, trucks often carry hazardous materials, which can cause secondary accidents and pose additional dangers to both the drivers involved and the surrounding environment.

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What Are Some Common Types of Truck Accidents?

Truck accidents can occur in various ways, often resulting in severe injuries or even fatalities.

Some of the most common types of truck accidents include:

  • Rear-End Collisions: Due to their size and weight, trucks require a longer stopping distance. When a truck fails to maintain a safe distance, rear-end collisions can occur, causing significant damage.
  • Jackknife Accidents: Jackknifing happens when a truck's trailer swings out to form an acute angle with the cab. This can occur when the truck skids or loses control, posing a serious threat to other vehicles on the road.
  • Rollover Accidents: Trucks are more prone to rollover accidents due to their high center of gravity. Factors such as speeding, improper loading, or sudden maneuvers can contribute to these dangerous incidents.

What Causes Truck Accidents? Exploring the Reasons Behind Crashes

Truck accidents can have numerous causes, and identifying the responsible party is crucial for your case.

Some common reasons for truck accidents include:

  • Driver Fatigue: Truck drivers often work long hours and may push themselves beyond safe limits, leading to fatigue and diminished reaction times.
  • Negligent Maintenance: Failure to properly maintain the truck's brakes, tires, or other critical components can contribute to accidents.
  • Distracted Driving: Truck drivers can be distracted by various factors, such as using mobile devices, eating, or adjusting in-cab technologies.
  • $5,400,000 Tree Trimming Accident
  • $4,400,000 Construction Site Accident
  • $1,500,000 Construction Site Accident
  • $850,000 Roofing Injury
  • $700,000 Office Work Injury

Our Settlements & Verdicts

Recent Case Victories
  • Tree Trimming Accident $5,400,000
  • Construction Site Accident $4,400,000
  • Construction Site Accident $1,500,000
  • Roofing Injury $850,000
  • Office Work Injury $700,000

Recovering Fair Compensation: What Damages Can You Receive?

Victims of truck accidents may be eligible for various types of compensation, including:

  • Medical Expenses: Coverage for past, present, and future medical bills, including surgeries, hospital stays, medications, and rehabilitation.
  • Lost Wages: Compensation for the income lost due to the accident, including future earning potential if the injuries result in long-term disability.
  • Pain and Suffering: Damages awarded for physical pain, emotional distress, and reduced quality of life resulting from the accident and injuries.
  • Property Damage: Reimbursement for the repair or replacement of your vehicle and any personal property damaged in the accident.
  • Punitive Damages: In cases involving gross negligence or intentional misconduct, punitive damages may be awarded to punish the responsible party.

At Alvandi Law Group, our dedicated truck accident attorneys will fight vigorously to secure the maximum compensation available in your case. We understand the immense physical, emotional, and financial toll truck accidents can take, and we are committed to providing compassionate and relentless advocacy on your behalf. 

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What Our Clients Are Saying
  • I been referred to this office by my brother and introduced to Michelle Espino. I had an injury that occurred 4 years ago and many said it would be impossible to reopen it since the statute of limitations would not allow it. They got my case open and got me the treatment I need thus far. Highly recommend them from my perspective.
    - Steven
  • These guys are amazing. Monica is my caseworker and she's prompt and always very responsive and intuitive.
    - Steve B.
  • Alvandi Law Group took my workers' comp case when others did not want to give me the time of day, My work was giving me the runaround and did not want to send me to a doctor. The attorneys' office quickly sent me out to a doctor. I had many many questions and Sheila and Veronica have been very patient with me in answering them. They have helped me get benefits while I am out of work.
    - Junior
  • I recommend Alvandi Law Group. They have good attorneys and great customer service. I remember when I first called for a consult and spoke to Kayla, I truly was not ready to sign. I just had questions and was scared to get fired., but she explained the process to me and was always there to answer my questions. I've met Gil, as well, and he is a kind man. Stay kind and humble.
    - Andrew
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