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Industries in Santa Ana with Frequent Work Injuries

According to the California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development, Santa Ana, in Orange County, has multiple growing industries. Many of the largest industries are directly or closely related to the popular amusement parks in the area, such as Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm.

Large industries in Santa Ana include:

  • Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • Construction
  • Health services
  • Retail
  • Computer storage device manufacturing

Typically, the larger industries have a higher rate of workplace injuries, mostly because there are more people on the clock at any given hour. For this reason, construction and tourism (including recreation related to amusement parks) are likely the two industries in Santa Ana with the most frequent workplace accidents and workers’ compensation claims.

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Can You Get Workers’ Comp Benefits in Santa Ana?

Workers’ compensation benefits can vary depending on your coverage, occupation, injury, and so on. However, for the most part, California workers who are covered by workers’ comp insurance can get a few important benefit types that help them recover without worry.

Workers’ compensation benefits that are usually available include:

  • Full coverage for all medically necessary treatments related to the work injury or illness.
  • Temporary disability pay for workers who miss days or weeks of work; payment is typically 2/3 of the worker’s average weekly earnings.
  • Long-term disability pay for workers who suffer lasting disabilities that prevent them from returning to work; payment is typically based on the worker’s disability rating or severity.
  • Vocational rehabilitation (up to a cap) that helps the worker pay for training or certifications to find new work if they can’t return to their previous role.
  • Death benefits available to the family of a worker who passes away from a work injury or illness.

Why You Should Hire a Local Santa Ana Lawyer

In California, employers with one or more employees must provide those employees with workers’ compensation insurance coverage. If you’re an employee in California, then you should be covered, and the benefits mentioned above should be available to you. Getting those benefits, or proving that you are owed them, can be a challenge, though, so it is recommended that you talk to a lawyer before you start your claim. To help your case a step further, you should hire a local Santa Ana workers’ compensation attorney who knows the area.

Our familiarity and practice experience in the Santa Ana area applies to:

  • Courts: Alvandi Law Group is familiar with local courts, so we know what administrative law judges who preside over workers’ compensation case hearings prefer to see in claimant arguments.
  • Employers and industries: We are familiar with local employers, so we know what types of workplace accidents tend to happen at which places of employment, which can give us a head-start on your case.
  • Insurance companies: We are also familiar with local insurance company representatives, so we know what counterarguments they are likely to bring up if your case is denied, delayed, or devalued for any reason. 

Talk to Our Santa Ana Workers’ Comp Attorneys Now

Starting a workers’ compensation claim as soon as possible after a work-related injury is important. That’s why Alvandi Law Group always accepts calls to (800) 980-6905, and we keep our schedules flexible, so we can be there quickly when a client needs our help. If you have been hurt at work or suffered an occupational illness, please talk to our Santa Ana workers’ comp lawyers today about your case, benefits, and options.

Schedule your initial consultation and learn more about workers’ comp in Santa Ana, CA.

frequently asked questions

  • What Are My Rights if I Am a Restaurant Worker in Santa Ana and I Get Injured on the Job?

    Restaurant workers in Santa Ana should be considered employees, which means they should be covered by workers’ compensation insurance. If a workplace injury occurs, the injured restaurant worker should talk to an attorney right away about filing a workers’ comp claim.

  • Are There Any Special Workers’ Compensation Rules for Office Workers in Santa Ana?

    Office workers in Santa Ana should be provided the same workers’ compensation protections as workers in any other industry. Even if you work in a comfortable office, you are eligible for workers’ comp that applies to any work-related injury or illness.

  • What Are the Most Common Workplace Injuries for Construction Workers in Santa Ana?
    The most common fatal workplace injuries for construction workers in Santa Ana – and virtually every other city in the country – are related to falling from heights, being struck by falling objects, getting caught inside machinery or between moving equipment, and being shocked by an electrical source. Common nonfatal injuries at Santa Ana construction sites include repetitive stress injuries (back injuries, knee injuries, etc.) and broken bones from nonfatal falls from heights.
  • What Is the Average Wait Time to Receive Benefits After Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Santa Ana?
    The wait time to receive benefits for your workers’ comp claim filed in Santa Ana will depend on factors unique to your case. You might get your first round of benefits within a week of filing; or the case could be contested, which could mean it will be weeks or months until you get the full benefits you deserve. At Alvandi Law Group, we fight to get our clients the benefits they need with as few delays as possible.
  • As a Fitness Instructor Who Trains Clients in Their Homes, If I Get Injured Helping a Client, Can I File for Workers’ Comp?
    Workers who work in a client’s home or another private setting, rather than a company workplace, should be covered by workers’ comp while in the client’s home as long as the injury in question is work-related.
  • I Use My Own Car for Deliveries. If I Get into an Accident While Making a Delivery, Am I Covered by Workers’ Comp?
    You might be covered by workers’ compensation as a delivery driver who got into an accident while using your personal vehicle because you were on the road to complete job-related tasks. If you are an independent contractor, though, you likely aren’t covered by workers’ compensation. Check with Alvandi Law Group to find out for certain.
  • My Commute to Work in Santa Ana Is Within the City Limits. If I Get into an Accident on the Way, Is It Covered by Workers’ Comp?
    Generally, workers’ compensation does not apply to motor vehicle accidents while commuting to or from the workplace because the worker decides how to commute, not the employer.
  • I Am a Temporary Worker at a Construction Site in Santa Ana and Injured Myself on the Job. Am I Eligible for Workers’ Comp?
    California law requires workers’ compensation to be provided even to temporary or seasonal workers who are eligible. Even if you caused your injuries due to a mistake while working, you don’t lose eligibility.
  • Where Is Your Office Located and How Can I Set up a Consultation?
    Alvandi Law Group has an office in Newport Beach, not far from Santa Ana. It is located at 20301 SW Acacia St, Second Floor, Newport Beach, CA 92660. If you want to set up a consultation there, please call (800) 980-6905">(800) 980-6905.
  • Will I Need to Travel to Your Office to Work With Your Firm?
    If your work injury makes travel difficult or dangerous, please tell our team at Alvandi Law Group. We can discuss how to discuss your case with you. For example, remote consultations may be all we need to learn about your case. Also, we may be able to go to court or the DWC office on your behalf once you hire us as your attorneys, which would leave you free to rest at home or in the hospital.
  • What Is the Closest Workers’ Compensation Office to Santa Ana?
    Most workers’ comp cases filed in Santa Ana will be handled by the CA State Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) office located at 2 MacArthur Pl, Santa Ana, CA 92707.
  • What Happens if My Employer in Santa Ana Refuses to Authorize Necessary Medical Treatment for My Work Injury?
    If your Santa Ana employer refused to authorize medical treatment for your work injury, get medical attention anyway. Don’t jeopardize your health and safety. Once you are treated, call a workers’ compensation lawyer as soon as you can, tell them what happened, and they can tell you what steps to take next. You might have legal grounds to file a lawsuit against your employer, for example.
  • How Long Do I Have to Seek Medical Attention for a Work Injury in Santa Ana to Be Eligible for Workers’ Compensation Benefits?
    You must tell your employer about a workplace injury or illness within 30 days of discovering it, which will prompt them to authorize medical treatments. Don’t wait the full 30 days just because the time limit goes that long, though. Ideally, you will notify your employer the same day.
  • If I Am Injured at Work in Santa Ana, Can I Choose My Own Doctor for Workers’ Compensation Treatment?
    You can predesignate which doctor or medical clinic treats you after a workplace accident, but your choices could be limited by your insurance provider’s medical network. If you don’t predesignate a medical provider, any initial medical care will be provided by a medical center chosen by your employer’s insurance provider. Afterward, if you aren’t happy with your treatment after 30 days, you can request a new medical provider.
  • What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Santa Ana?
    By hiring a local Santa Ana workers’ comp attorney, you can benefit from their knowledge of local courts, employers, industries, and more. Familiarity can go a long way in certain cases.
  • How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Santa Ana?
    Alvandi Law Group strives to keep our legal fees at a competitive rate, and we never use surprise fees, so more locals can afford our services and counsel. Also, California limits how much a workers’ comp attorney can charge, based on a percentage of any compensation or settlement won for the client.
  • Do I Need a Lawyer to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Santa Ana?
    You don’t have to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer to file a claim in Santa Ana, but it is highly recommended that you do. A worker's comp attorney can handle all parts of your claim, so you never have to worry about legal complications.

We'll make sure your claim is filed quickly and accurately.


What Our Clients Are Saying
  • What can I say about Michelle Espino! She has been so helpful in answering my question and her warm personality gives me comfort. She really cares about her clients. Keep up the great job you are doing!!!
    - Trisha
  • What can I say... Great firm! Beautiful office! Knowledgeable staff. Sheila kept me up to date with my case. I recently had a deposition and the office is amazing. From the receptionist to my attorney Meagan. It feels great to have a team by my side helping me from beginning to end.
    - Carlos
  • I been referred to this office by my brother and introduced to Michelle Espino. I had an injury that occurred 4 years ago and many said it would be impossible to reopen it since the statute of limitations would not allow it. They got my case open and got me the treatment I need thus far. Highly recommend them from my perspective.
    - Steven
  • These guys are amazing. Monica is my caseworker and she's prompt and always very responsive and intuitive.
    - Steve B.
  • I've dealt with Veronica Estrada on several cases, and I must say her work is one of a kind. There is never an issue when certain things need to get taken care of on a case. Prompt responses are always given from this office. I don't think they know what lag even means. I highly recommend this office for anyone in need of representation and wants that personal touch. No one does it better.

    - Daniel
  • I recommend Alvandi Law Group. They have good attorneys and great customer service. I remember when I first called for a consult and spoke to Kayla, I truly was not ready to sign. I just had questions and was scared to get fired., but she explained the process to me and was always there to answer my questions. I've met Gil, as well, and he is a kind man. Stay kind and humble.
    - Andrew
  • This law group is the best. I have been dealing with Michelle Espino and she is a very attentive and sweet person. I was originally dealing with another law group for a year and never once seen a doctor. When I told her about my problem, she was quick to help me out and she even got me a doctors appt within a week. I highly recommend this law firm. They have relieved a great deal of stress I have been going through.
    - Anonymous
  • I'm a start by saying my Attorney Sidney Sadeghi is amazing! She kicked ass at my depo and settled my case. She did everything I asked, listened and more. Gil also is great, these people care for their clients! I will definitely recommend Sidney Sadeghi to everyone she one amazing applicant attorney!

    - Maria M.


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