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Orange County Personal Injury Lawyer

Over Half a Billion in Compensation Recovered for Clients

Preventable injuries can take an immense toll on the lives of victims and their loved ones. Fortunately, our laws allow people harmed by the negligence of others to obtain financial compensation for their damages.

At Alvandi Law Group, P.C., we’ve devoted our practice solely to fighting for the injured and have earned a reputation as one of Orange County’s most trusted personal injury law firms. We’re backed by an award-winning team that’s passionate about helping folks fight for justice and have recovered over half a billion dollars in compensation for clients.

If you have a potential case, our Orange County personal injury attorneys want to help. Call (800) 980-6905or contact us online for a FREE consultation.

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Fighting for the Injured of California!

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Personal Injury Law: Your Rights as a Victim

Navigating the aftermath of an injury can be overwhelming, especially when those injuries were caused by someone else. Fortunately, personal injury law exists to protect individuals harmed by negligent or wrongful acts. 

However, victims seeking accountability and compensation must first navigate what is often a confusing and contentious process. They also need to meet their burden of proof in demonstrating how defendants are at fault for their injuries and liable for the resulting damages. 

At Alvandi Law Group, P.C., we’re committed to guiding victims and families through the personal injury claim process and toward the justice they deserve. As advocates for the injured, we’re all about protecting clients’ rights and ensuring they’re positioned to recover the most money possible. 

In addition to providing FREE and confidential consultations, our firm also handles personal injury cases on contingency. This means there’s no cost to hire us and no fee unless we win. You can learn more about your rights and options by speaking with a member of our team.

  • Over Half a Billion Dollars in Settlements Won
    We have a record of success over the course of our career. Our results speak for themselves.
  • 100% Dedicated to the Injured
    We have committed our resources to solely helping injured people to so they may focus on recovery
  • If We Don't Win, You Don't Pay
    We only operate on a contingency fee basis: if we are unsuccessful in recovering benefits, then you don't owe us a penny.
  • Serving California for Over 15 Years
    We serve individuals and families all across California and bring decades of experience protecting the rights of injured workers.
  • Honest & Clear Communication
    We can provide unwavering legal support for every stage of the process, even if your claim has been denied.
  • Multi-Lingual
    Our firm is capable of serving clients in a variety of languages.

Full-Service Support In All Types of Claims

Our attorneys have leveraged decades of collective experience to secure top-dollar recoveries in a range of personal injury claims. We’re prepared to handle all types of cases, including:

  • Car AccidentsWe handle all types of car accident cases — from fender benders causing minor injuries to severe collisions resulting in significant trauma. We help victims navigate the complexities of insurance claims and fight for full compensation.
  • Catastrophic InjuriesA catastrophic injury can change your life forever. Our lawyers fight for the rights of those who have suffered spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, amputations, and other life-altering injuries.
  • Premises LiabilityIf you've been hurt on someone else's property, you may have a premises liability claim. Whether it’s matter involving a slip and fall accident, negligent security, or a dog bite, we’re prepared to hold property owners accountable.
  • Products LiabilityOur team is experienced in dealing with injuries caused by defective or dangerous products. From household appliances to auto parts, we ensure manufacturers, distributors, and retailers are held responsible.
  • Truck AccidentsCollisions involving large commercial vehicles often result in serious injuries. We possess the specialized knowledge needed to challenge commercial trucking companies and their insurers.
  • Wrongful DeathLosing a loved one is devastating, especially when it's due to someone else's actions. Our compassionate lawyers work closely with families to pursue wrongful death and survival actions that seek accountability and compensation.
  • Pedestrian AccidentsPedestrians are often severely injured in traffic accidents, elevating the need for full and fair recoveries. We help injured pedestrians fight for maximum compensation in claims against all types of defendants.  
  • Motorcycle AccidentsMotorcyclists are vulnerable on the road and can suffer significant harm in accidents. Our firm protects the interests of motorcycle riders, fighting for their rights against drivers and insurance companies.

Recoverable Damages in Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury actions are intended to make victims whole – or, at least as “whole” as possible – after they’ve suffered harm and losses caused by someone else. If you’re successful in a personal injury claim, you may be able to recover compensation for:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost income and lost future earnings
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional anguish / loss of quality or enjoyment of life
  • Lost emotional and financial support 
  • Other economic and non-economic losses

Why Choose Alvandi Law Group, P.C.?

  • Over Half a Billion in Recoveries. Our award-winning trial lawyers have secured more than a half a billion dollars in verdicts and settlements for clients.
  • 100% Devoted to Injured Victims. We focus exclusively on representing the injured. We’ve handled all types of personal injury and work injury claims and know how to position clients for the maximum recovery possible. 
  •  A Client-Focused Approach. We make clients our priority by delivering honest and clear communication, step-by-step guidance, and unwavering legal support.
  • If We Don’t Win, You Don’t Pay. We don’t charge personal injury clients up-front fees, and we don’t collect a fee unless we’re successful in recovering compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Long Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Claim in Orange County, CA?

    In Orange County, the standard statute of limitations for filing most personal injury claims is two years from the date of the injury. However, this period can be different depending on specific circumstances. For example:

    • In medical malpractice cases, victims have three years from the date of injury or one year from when the injury was discovered to file claims.
    • Claims against government entities are subject to unique rules and procedures, including requirements to file a Notice of Claim within six months of the incident.
    • In injury cases involving minors, the statute of limitations can be tolled (or delayed) until the minor turns 18.
    • In cases where victims don’t discover the connection between a defendant’s actionable conduct and their resulting damages, the statute of limitations may be tolled until the date of discovery. This applies only in certain types of cases, including medical malpractice and civil sexual abuse actions.

    Determining the statute of limitations that applies to your case is a fact-specific task that requires ample legal insight. Our attorneys can evaluate the deadline for your claim during a consultation.

  • What Happens If I Miss the Deadline to File a Personal Injury Claim in Orange County?

    Failing to meet the filing deadline usually results in the expiration of the statute of limitations. When the statute of limitations expires, you are barred from filing legal action and will not be able to recover compensation for your losses.

    Because there are major consequences for missing the personal injury claim deadline, taking prompt action should be a priority for anyone with a potential case.

  • How Long Does a Typical Personal Injury Case Take to Resolve in Orange County Courts?

    The resolution time for personal injury cases in Orange County can range from several months to several years. Factors influencing case duration include case complexity, the willingness of both parties to settle, and court schedules. The nature of injuries suffered by victims and whether they are still receiving medical treatment or need more insight into their condition and prognosis can also impact the trajectory of a case.

    Our team works diligently to explain how cases are likely to progress based on each client’s circumstances and strives to set realistic expectations. And while we can maximize efficiency through negotiations and processes such as mediation, we’re always willing to fight for our clients in court, when necessary.

  • How Much Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Typically Cost in Orange County, CA?

    Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which means that they are paid a percentage of any final settlement or verdict once a case has been concluded. This fee percentage may range from 25% to 33% or more for personal injury cases that are settled out of court but can increase to around 40% when cases are inordinately complex or require litigation.

    One of the greatest advantages of using lawyers who work on contingency is that there are no upfront costs for clients. Additionally, well-resourced firms like ours use their own funds to cover important expenses. This can help ensure the chances of a successful outcome are not hindered by a victim’s inability to pay for independent investigations, medical experts, or other things that can prove vital to their claims.

  • What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Local Orange County Personal Injury Lawyer?

    The advantages of engaging a local lawyer include:

    • Local Expertise: Knowledge of the Orange County court system, judges, and legal nuances can facilitate a more effective legal strategy.
    • Legal Acumen: Awareness of California and Orange County-specific laws ensures that your case adheres to the correct legal practices.
    • Insurance Insight: Insight into regional insurance carriers and local insurance practices can pay dividends when it comes to leveling the playing field and seeking full recoveries.
    • Resource Access: Lawyers with established networks can leverage their connections with local experts who provide important evidence and testimony to support a case.
    • Convenience: Working with a local lawyer lets you have an advocate who’s nearby and available to your needs and can enhance communication and collaboration.
  • What Are the Key Differences Between a Personal Injury Lawyer and a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Orange County?

    Personal injury lawyers handle cases such as car accidents, slip and falls, and product liability, where there is a claim against another party's negligence. These cases are handled in civil court and they require plaintiffs (the victims who personal injury lawyers represent) to prove that defendants are at fault and liable for damages.

    A workers' compensation attorney specializes in representing employees injured on the job, helping them secure important benefits. These cases are handled through administrative proceedings and do not require claimants to prove who was at fault.

    While there are distinct differences between personal injury and workers’ compensation, these fields have much in common and may intersect in certain circumstances. Workers injured on the job, for example, may have grounds to pursue civil personal injury lawsuits against negligent third parties who caused their accidents.

    At Alvandi Law Group, P.C., we’re recognized nationally for our work in both personal injury law and workers’ compensation, and have the depth of experience to handle all types of accident cases – whether they occurred on or off the job.
  • What Type of Evidence is Needed to Win a Personal Injury Case in Orange County, CA?

    Winning a personal injury case generally requires evidence that proves negligence, causation, and damages. While every case is different, it’s critical to be thorough in gathering comprehensive and compelling evidence. This may include:

    • Documentation, including photos of the injury and accident scene, communications with at-fault parties or insurers, company or insurance policies, bylaws, and more.
    • Medical records, including assessments / diagnoses of injuries and treatment provided.
    • Testimony from witnesses with knowledge about the accident or the victim’s injuries. This can include eyewitnesses who saw an accident, medical experts who provide information about injuries and prognoses, industry experts who testify about standards of their professions, investigators who explain their findings, and more.
  • Should I Speak to the Insurance Company After an Accident in Orange County?

    As a victim hurt by a policyholder, you are under no obligation to speak with their insurance company. In fact, it’s widely advised that victims withhold from communicating with insurers until they have consulted an experienced lawyer. Insurance companies are corporations that care solely about their bottom lines. They’re not on your side and they may employ tactics that aid them in their quest to dispute, deny, and underpay your claim.

    At Alvandi Law Group, P.C., we make it a point to handle all communications with insurers for our clients so that these companies can’t capitalize on their lack of legal knowledge.

  • Can a Lawyer Help Negotiate With the Insurance Company For My Medical Bills After My Injury?

    Yes, a personal injury lawyer can negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf. Lawyers are skilled in negotiating fair settlements that account for all your damages. This includes the medical bills you’ve already incurred and, if your injuries haven’t healed or have resulted in long-term or life-long issues, medical expenses you’re likely to incur in the future.

  • Should I Accept a Settlement Offer From the Insurance Company After an Accident?

    Don't accept a settlement offer from the insurance company without consulting a personal injury lawyer, especially if it’s too early to evaluate the true impact of your injuries or what losses and expenses you’re still likely to incur.

    A skilled attorney can ensure that any offer from the insurance company fairly compensates for all current and future damages related to your injury so you don’t end up settling for less than you deserve. Remember, insurance companies are in business to make profits, and their initial offers are likely to be less than the true value of a claim.


What Our Clients Are Saying
  • Alvandi Law Group took my workers' comp case when others did not want to give me the time of day, My work was giving me the runaround and did not want to send me to a doctor. The attorneys' office quickly sent me out to a doctor. I had many many questions and Sheila and Veronica have been very patient with me in answering them. They have helped me get benefits while I am out of work.
    - Junior
  • Great customer service. Michelle was very fast and helped me so so much. Got things done and fast and was taken care of a lot sooner than I expected. Very professional!!!!! Thank you guys so much you guys rock!! I highly recommend them and would refer them to any who needs help.
    - Janatte
  • Everyone there was very helpful but Monica Torres went above and beyond she was patient and understanding with me. If you have a workers' comp claim, I strongly recommend Alvandi Law Group.
    - Raymond
  • This law group is the best. I have been dealing with Michelle Espino and she is a very attentive and sweet person. I was originally dealing with another law group for a year and never once seen a doctor. When I told her about my problem, she was quick to help me out and she even got me a doctors appt within a week. I highly recommend this law firm. They have relieved a great deal of stress I have been going through.
    - Anonymous
  • I'm a start by saying my Attorney Sidney Sadeghi is amazing! She kicked ass at my depo and settled my case. She did everything I asked, listened and more. Gil also is great, these people care for their clients! I will definitely recommend Sidney Sadeghi to everyone she one amazing applicant attorney!

    - Maria M.
  • What can I say about Michelle Espino! She has been so helpful in answering my question and her warm personality gives me comfort. She really cares about her clients. Keep up the great job you are doing!!!
    - Trisha
  • I recommend Alvandi Law Group. They have good attorneys and great customer service. I remember when I first called for a consult and spoke to Kayla, I truly was not ready to sign. I just had questions and was scared to get fired., but she explained the process to me and was always there to answer my questions. I've met Gil, as well, and he is a kind man. Stay kind and humble.
    - Andrew
  • This firm has inspired me in so many ways. They have helped many friends and family members of mine. Starting with the consultants to just all around the office. They really know what their doing and are great. I can see now that they have experience superior to others. People have left their other attorneys to come to this office. Including some close family of mine. I appreciate them. Thank you Alvandi Law Group!
    - Anonymous


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