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Sheriff  Issa Photo
Sheriff Issa Litigation Attorney


Sheriff Issa represents injured workers in all aspects of workers’ compensation cases as well as 132(a) and serious and willful misconduct claims.  Mr. Issa began his career in workers’ compensation law working as a defense attorney for the Hartford Financial Services. Mr. Issa practiced as a defense attorney for almost 5 years before switching to the representation of injured workers before the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board.  Mr. Issa enjoys working with injured workers and ensuring they get the benefits they deserve.

Having represented both applicants and defendants in workers’ compensation matters, Mr. Issa understands the complete picture of the intricacies and difficulties of navigating ‘the system’. In addition, Mr. Issa’s years of experience before the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Boards throughout California has allowed him to make the personal connections with judges and advocates,  providing for a much more efficient and better experience when resolving claims for the benefit of injured workers.