Falling Object Injuries at Work

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Construction sites are frequently referred to as “hard hat areas” and may have images of hard hats posted all around. This is less of a nickname than it is a description of the job site. As buildings are being constructed, objects can fall from great heights, and often without any warning.

If you have been struck by a falling object while working on a construction site, you may be entitled to benefits that help you recover completely. Obtaining them, however, could be an uphill battle if your employer or their insurance provider has something else to say about your construction accident. Get in contact with an Orange County workers’ compensation lawyer from Alvandi Law Group, P.C. We have won millions for our past clients! Call (800) 980-6905 today for more information.

Negligence Leads to Workplace Injuries

In many falling object accidents at construction sites, foremen or company supervisors have tried to claim that they are expected hazards due to the “hard hat area” warning signs – just part of the job, so to speak. An accident that is commonly occurring is not acceptable. If anything, it only underlines a serious need for safety improvement at the work site.

Upon closer inspection, it may be found that one or more of the following scenarios led to the falling object accident:

  • Overloaded lifting crane or pulley
  • Loose tools in high places
  • Damaged roofing or tiling
  • Unsecured cargo or harnesses

Any cause can be traced back to negligence. Safety protocols are strict in California because if they are all followed appropriate, everyone should be reasonably safe at a construction site. It is when people start to skimp on their duties, or delegate them to unqualified parties, that hazards arise.

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One serious injury caused by a falling object can put even the toughest of construction site workers out of commission for a long time. If you or a loved one have suffered such a debilitating blow, you are surely in for steep medical bills and missing wages in the immediate future. Not backing up your claims with our Orange County workers’ compensation lawyers could mean paying for most, if not all, of your expenses out of your own pocket.

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