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Burn Injuries in the Workplace

In 1911, a factory fire and harsh working conditions in New York City resulted in the death of 146 employees—all women. The women who died in New York that day unknowingly participated in the third most catastrophic event in New York City. Such a drastic and infamous event acknowledges the hazards and unfair conditions of the working class. Although much has changed for employees and their superiors since the beginning of the twentieth century, the dangers of burn injuries still exist today. Burn injuries, in contemporary times, now expand to include chemical burns at the workplace, electrical burns injuries, burns caused by catastrophic explosions, and the still prominent dangers of fires in a work environment.

A burn injury is categorized by how much damage the victim experiences after initial contact occurs. A minor burn includes damage to the outer layers of the skin, but a burn worsens with an increase in exposure to fire, chemicals, or electricity. An individual who experiences a major burn suffers from blistering, peeling, and bleeding to the dermis, while also sustaining damage to the internal organs. The burn categorization system begins with first degree burns, being minor inflammation or blistering of the outer dermis, and continues to include fourth degree burns, describing damage to the internal organs of the victim. The degree of the employee’s injury depends on both the thermal temperature of the source of the burn, as well as the duration of the contact with the hazardous source.

Burns can cause detrimental damage to the victim, thus altering their life and ability to work. A substantial burn may affect the skin, soft tissue, inner organs, and functionality of the nervous system. Twenty-five percent of the reported burn injuries in the nation occur while on the job, while two thirds of the burn victims are men. Click HERE for national statistics of burn injuries.

An employer takes precautions to ensure that employees have safe working conditions by training workers on the equipment and enforcing safety precautions to help to prevent accidents. For legal advice, consult the workers compensation law firm of Los Angeles where our attorneys have successful California burn injury lawsuits and settlements. For a free consultation please call Alvandi law group at ">(800) 980-6905.