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toxic exposure

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Toxic Exposure Claims in Orange County

Have you suffered a serious illness that caused debilitation and required expensive medical treatments? Do you suspect that a hazardous substance at your job may have been the cause of it? When you are hurt by toxic exposure while working, or think that you have been, you need to contact Alvandi Law Group,We have secured more than a billion dollars for our clients in the past and may be able to collect a sizable recovery for you.

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Exposure Risks Across All Industries

Toxic chemical exposure refers to the contact or ingestion of harmful substances that can cause adverse effects on human health, ranging from mild irritation to severe illness or even death. These chemicals can be found in various forms, including gases, liquids, solids, and fumes, and they may be encountered in workplaces, homes, outdoor environments, or through consumer products.

Exposure to toxic chemicals can occur through different routes:

  • Inhalation: Breathing in toxic fumes, gases, or airborne particles.
  • Ingestion: Swallowing toxic substances, either accidentally or intentionally.
  • Absorption: Direct contact with the skin or mucous membranes, allowing chemicals to be absorbed into the bloodstream.
  • Injection: Introduction of toxic substances through puncture wounds, such as from contaminated needles or accidental injection.

While it may be true that construction workers and firefighters are more likely to encounter a toxic substance, chemical, or material while on-the-job when compared to most other careers, the truth remains that toxic exposure can hurt anyone.

Even the retail employee who helps clean the facilities could be exposed to caustic cleaning chemicals and suffer injury. It is the duty of employers and property controllers to store toxic substances responsibly. If they do not, the liability for any resulting injuries could be on their shoulders.

Some of the toxic chemical substances a worker may encounter include:

Common Causes of Toxic Chemical Exposure in the Workplace

Toxic exposure in the workplace can occur due to various factors and situations, primarily associated with the handling, use, or presence of hazardous chemicals or materials. Some common causes include:

  • Handling of Hazardous Chemicals: Workers in industries such as manufacturing, construction, agriculture, healthcare, and laboratories may handle toxic chemicals as part of their job responsibilities. Exposure can occur through direct contact with chemicals, inhalation of vapors or fumes, or ingestion of contaminated food or water.
  • Lack of Proper Ventilation: Inadequate ventilation systems in workplaces can result in the accumulation of toxic fumes, gases, or airborne particles, increasing the risk of inhalation exposure among workers. Poor ventilation can be particularly problematic in confined spaces or areas with limited airflow.
  • Improper Storage and Handling: Improper storage, handling, or disposal of hazardous chemicals can lead to spills, leaks, or releases, exposing workers to toxic substances. Failure to follow proper safety protocols, such as using appropriate containers, labeling chemicals, or segregating incompatible materials, can increase the likelihood of accidents.
  • Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Failure to use or inadequately use personal protective equipment (PPE), such as respirators, gloves, goggles, or protective clothing, can leave workers vulnerable to toxic exposure. Proper selection, fitting, and maintenance of PPE are essential to ensure effective protection against chemical hazards.
  • Workplace Accidents or Incidents: Accidental spills, leaks, fires, explosions, or equipment malfunctions can release toxic chemicals into the workplace environment, posing immediate risks to workers' health and safety. Emergency response procedures and training are crucial to mitigate the effects of such incidents and minimize exposure.
  • Inadequate Training and Education: Lack of proper training and education regarding the hazards associated with toxic chemicals, as well as safe handling practices and emergency procedures, can increase the likelihood of exposure incidents in the workplace. Comprehensive training programs should be provided to employees to ensure awareness and competence in chemical safety.
  • Poor Maintenance of Equipment and Facilities: Malfunctioning or poorly maintained equipment, such as ventilation systems, storage tanks, pipelines, or safety showers, can contribute to the release of toxic chemicals or exacerbate exposure risks. Regular inspection, maintenance, and repair of equipment and facilities are essential to prevent accidents and ensure workplace safety.
  • Occupational Health Hazards: Certain occupations involve specific hazards that can lead to toxic exposure, such as asbestos in construction, pesticides in agriculture, radiation in healthcare, or heavy metals in manufacturing. Employers must identify and assess these occupational health risks and implement appropriate control measures to protect workers.
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  • $5,400,000 Tree Trimming Accident
  • $4,400,000 Construction Site Accident
  • $1,500,000 Construction Site Accident
  • $850,000 Roofing Injury
  • $700,000 Office Work Injury

Our Settlements & Verdicts

Recent Case Victories
  • Tree Trimming Accident $5,400,000
  • Construction Site Accident $4,400,000
  • Construction Site Accident $1,500,000
  • Roofing Injury $850,000
  • Office Work Injury $700,000

We Fight for Workers’ Rights

Our Orange County toxic exposure lawyers are entirely focused on cases that affect hard-working Californians. We genuinely want to see you recover both physically and financially after your employer has allowed you to suffer due to toxic exposure. Negligence that puts others in danger must be corrected in whatever way necessary, and that usually means bringing a lawsuit against them. Although a conference room settlement is ideal for it resolves your case quicker, we are always prepared for a courtroom contest. It is just one of the many ways Alvandi Law Group stands apart from the rest.

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