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Car Accidents

Bakersfield Car Accidents Lawyer

Representation for Car Accident Claims in Southern CA

If you have been involved or injured in a wreck and need compensation to rebuild your life, don't assume that everything will simply "work out" because of your auto insurance. Take legal action to fight for the full amount you truly deserve.

At Alvandi Law Group, we understand that being involved in a car accident can be a traumatic experience that leaves you feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to turn for help. Our team of experienced car accident attorneys in Bakersfield is here to provide you with the support and legal guidance you need during this challenging time. With over 15 years of dedicated service in Southern California, we have successfully recovered over half a billion dollars in settlements for our clients.

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Why Do Car Accidents Happen?

Referring to a car accident as an "accident" can sometimes be misleading. The majority of crashes occur due to preventable mistakes made by drivers. It is not truly an accident when a driver chooses to act negligently behind the wheel.

Our Bakersfield car accident attorneys begin by investigating the cause of the accident. Our goal is to demonstrate that you are not at fault, placing 100% of the liability on the other driver. By establishing a liability of 0% on your part, you can demand the full amount of compensation owed to you, rather than a reduced amount. We will fight to ensure that your liability remains as low as possible.

Seek Medical Attention After a Crash

It is crucial to see a medical professional as soon as possible after a car accident, even if you do not feel any immediate injuries. Some injuries may not become apparent until hours or even days later due to their subtle nature and the adrenaline rush experienced during the crash. A medical examination can identify underlying issues like whiplash or head and back injuries.

Seeing a doctor on the same day as the accident will also strengthen your claim by creating a record of your injuries. If the insurance company tries to dispute the severity of your injuries or questions the legitimacy of the accident, your medical record will serve as evidence of when and why you were injured.

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We'll make sure your claim is filed quickly and accurately.

  • $4,400,000 Construction Site Accident
  • $850,000 Roofing Injury
  • $700,000 Chemical Exposure
  • $700,000 Office Work Injury
  • $600,000 Workers' Compensation

Our Settlements & Verdicts

Recent Case Victories
  • Construction Site Accident $4,400,000
  • Roofing Injury $850,000
  • Chemical Exposure $700,000
  • Office Work Injury $700,000
  • Workers' Compensation $600,000

Common Types of Negligence in a Car Accident

Common forms of negligence that cause car accidents include:

  • Drunk driving: Intoxicated drivers pose a significant threat to road safety. Even a single drink impairs a driver's ability to operate a vehicle safely, defensively, and responsibly.
  • Distracted driving: The use of smartphones while driving has become alarmingly common and dangerous. Checking a text message while traveling at high speeds can cause the driver to operate the vehicle "blindly" for a distance of 300 feet or more.
  • Reckless driving: Everyday recklessness and negligence are also major contributors to car accidents. Speeding, tailgating, and unsafe lane changes are examples of common reckless driving behaviors.

We also handle auto part defect cases for our clients. When a defect in an auto part causes a crash, such as a brake failure or a collapsing roof in a rollover, it is essential to hold the automaker accountable for the resulting damages. Taking on an automaker is no easy task, which is why it is crucial to have our car accident lawyers in Bakersfield by your side when pursuing such a claim.


Evidence to Support Your Car Accident Case

Proving negligence in a car accident case can be challenging. The driver who caused the accident will fight you every step of the way, and their insurance company will be against you as well. To strengthen your case and secure the compensation you deserve, it is essential to gather various forms of useful evidence. Our Bakersfield car accident attorneys are ready to step in and assist you.

Four types of helpful evidence in an average car accident case include:

  • Dashcam footage: If you have dashcam footage capturing the accident, we will review it to determine the actions of the other driver. We can also investigate whether the other driver had a dashcam.
  • Eyewitness testimonies: Third-party eyewitnesses who witnessed the crash from a different perspective may have valuable insights into what happened and why. We can interview eyewitnesses on your behalf to gather accounts that support your claim.
  • Police reports: Official reports from trusted sources such as the police or other first responders can be challenging for an insurance company to refute. If the police were present at the scene of your accident, we will access their reports to bolster your case.
  • Photographs: If you took pictures of the crash, injuries, or traffic conditions with your smartphone, these photographs can serve as valuable evidence to support your argument.

Build a Strong Case with Our Legal Professionals

The strength of your car accident claim will greatly influence its success when challenged by the defense. Team up with Alvandi Law Group in Bakersfield to ensure your claim is powerful and backed by experienced professionals. We have dedicated our careers to protecting the rights of the wrongfully injured and would be honored to do the same for you after a serious car accident.

When selecting a law firm, power, reputation, and size matter. At Alvandi Law Group, we possess all of these qualities.

If you have been injured, call us at (800) 980-6905. We will arrange to meet you within 24 hours.


What Our Clients Are Saying
  • This firm has inspired me in so many ways. They have helped many friends and family members of mine. Starting with the consultants to just all around the office. They really know what their doing and are great. I can see now that they have experience superior to others. People have left their other attorneys to come to this office. Including some close family of mine. I appreciate them. Thank you Alvandi Law Group!
    - Anonymous
  • What can I say about Michelle Espino! She has been so helpful in answering my question and her warm personality gives me comfort. She really cares about her clients. Keep up the great job you are doing!!!
    - Trisha
  • I been referred to this office by my brother and introduced to Michelle Espino. I had an injury that occurred 4 years ago and many said it would be impossible to reopen it since the statute of limitations would not allow it. They got my case open and got me the treatment I need thus far. Highly recommend them from my perspective.
    - Steven
  • Everyone there was very helpful but Monica Torres went above and beyond she was patient and understanding with me. If you have a workers' comp claim, I strongly recommend Alvandi Law Group.
    - Raymond

frequently asked questions

  • Can asbestos enter your home in other ways?

    Asbestos fibers can cling to almost any surface and are difficult to remove. It is not uncommon for asbestos to stick to a worker’s shoes, jacket, and hair when they are on a jobsite that is using some form of asbestos. When they return home, the asbestos can attach to other materials in the house, where it endangers anyone living there.

  • Should my employer have given me a hard hat?

    Hard hats are essential pieces of safety equipment to protect workers from falling objects. Most construction sites and industrial areas require workers to have a hard hat before entering or working. However, employers are not usually strictly required to give their workers hard hats, especially if those workers are independent contractors. Instead, at the entry of the jobsite, there should be safety information that informs workers what pieces of equipment they are expected to bring on their own, which usually includes a hard hat.

  • When Should I Hire a Workers' Comp Lawyer?

    When you have suffered a workplace injury, it is important to consider hiring a workers' compensation attorney as soon as you can. A workers' comp lawyer from Alvandi Law Group can help ensure that your rights are protected. We can also calculate the full amount of benefits and compensation that you may be entitled to under California law, and work diligently to stop that amount from being unfairly reduced. The sooner you hire a workers’ compensation lawyer, the sooner your lawyer can get to work applying their knowledge to your case.

    A Southern California workers' compensation lawyer from our firm can:

    • Help you file paperwork before deadlines.
    • Ensure that all forms are properly filled out.
    • Assist in gathering medical records, bills, and other documents needed for the claim.
    • Present an appeal if a claim is denied by the insurance company.
    • Negotiate with the insurance company for a fair settlement or award amount.
    • Represent you in court hearings if necessary.
    • Provide legal advice on filing a lawsuit against employers who have violated state laws and regulations.
    • Prepare written arguments to support your position regarding claims made against you by your employer or their attorney.
    • Educate you about your rights under California law related to workplace injuries.
    • Build strong cases using evidence obtained from witnesses, photographs, videos, and more.
    • Follow-up if an insurance company is failing to respond to your injury report.
  • What makes objects fall?

    Scientifically, gravity is what makes objects fall. The constant pull of the Earth’s enormous mass influences all falling objects at the same rate. In terms of workplace accidents, though, employer negligence tends to be what causes objects to fall and strike workers. Employers should enforce safety protocols that ensure no loose objects are kept above others. Workers also have a duty to try to prevent falling object accidents, though.

Reasons To Hire The Alvandi Law Group
  • Over Half a Billion Dollars in Settlements Won
    We have a record of success over the course of our career. Our results speak for themselves.
  • 100% Dedicated to the Injured
    We have committed our resources to solely helping injured people to so they may focus on recovery
  • If We Don't Win, You Don't Pay
    We only operate on a contingency fee basis: if we are unsuccessful in recovering benefits, then you don't owe us a penny.
  • Serving California for Over 15 Years
    We serve individuals and families all across California and bring decades of experience protecting the rights of injured workers.
  • Honest & Clear Communication
    We can provide unwavering legal support for every stage of the process, even if your claim has been denied.
  • Multi-Lingual
    Our firm is capable of serving clients in a variety of languages.


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