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Back Surgery Risks

Back surgeries are highly common today. It is estimated that as many as thirteen million Americans experience low-back pain and these people spend approximately fifty million dollars in an attempt to ease their discomfort each year. A good portion of this sum is spent on surgical procedures, like that which relies on the Infuse Spinal Fusion System. This device was created to lessen the pain and healing time a more traditional procedure. In order to understand its purpose, one must understand the condition that the Infuse Spinal Fusion System aims to correct. Though low back pain is not always caused by damaged discs, they are frequently to blame. The discs of the spine are meant to act as cushions between the bones, but due to wear and tear or injury, they can wear down. This results in nerves being pinched, bones rubbing, and a great deal of pain. So, surgeons can go in and harvest bone from elsewhere in the body to be used for the purpose of fusing two vertebrae where the damaged disc once worked.

That is, they can harvest that bone or they can rely on the Infuse Spinal Fusion System for the same purpose. Unfortunately, this product is now the case of a big lawsuit, in which a woman claims that the Infuse device implanted in 2007 resulted in so many complications that she has faced five additional surgeries since. The lawsuit is now being filed as the women is in need of a sixth surgical procedure but does not have the money needed to cover the massive expense.

When a medical device fails to provide the promised relief or results in serious complications, you do have the right to consult a personal injury attorney. It may be possible to collect the funds needed to cover medical expenses and other related financial losses.