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Happy Holidays: Giving Great (Safe) Children's Gift

The holiday season is upon us and that means that millions of Americans will be shopping for the perfect gifts to give friends and loved ones. Among those at the top of most lists are young children. Unfortunately, kids are the most frequently injured by the presents given them during the holiday season. And, while no one wants to think about the potential for such tragedy, these accidents do occur. 079996109009px;">Faulty products are often to blame for gift-related injuries. Did you know that approximately four hundred products are recalled in this country, annually? Of those, a large portion are products marketed to young children or new moms. Baby, infant, and toddler products are among the most commonly recalled items.

Just think about the tragic reasons behind the decision to pull these products from the shelves. Thousands of strollers have been recalled in recent years after several kids throughout the country had their fingers amputated by the folding mechanisms. The Bumbo seat was also a well-known, widely spread recall, which was issued when it was found that many infants died or suffered serious, permanent injury when falling from the seats. Similarly, the Nap Nanny, a reclining padded seat for babies and infants was recalled when the deaths of six newborns were reported to be linked to the device.

These events are tragic, the recalls are scary, but worse still is the fact that many people are unaware of them. There are plenty of websites today, which cater to people who want to sell used products. While most will stipulate that the sale of recalled items is prohibited, few have the necessary tracking features to determine when such an item has been listed. In many cases, the people selling aren’t even aware of the recall and neither are the people buying, which puts children at great risk.

So, before you give your gifts this holiday season, be sure that you are checking the recall list. If a product malfunctions, a personal injury attorney may be able to assist you in collecting compensation, but that won’t restore the health of a loved one.