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Occupational Back Injuries and Back Pain

Preventing and treating mild and extreme back injuries from the workplace is as much of a responsibility for the employers as for the employees. Many jobs may involve activities that can potentially cause harm to employees due to either repetitive movements or an over-exertion of the body to complete a task. Whatever the cause, back pain and back injuries can affect an individual's quality of life when proper precautions are not taken.

In a work environment, there are two types of injuries: non-accidental injury (injuries caused by poor posture or repetitive motions) and accidental injury (injuries that take place when the unpredictable occurs like equipment malfunction or a sudden jolting of the body). Typing at a desk in a stationary and consistent position, lifting heavy equipment or products, lifting and transferring boxes and packages, or even repetitive movements to operate an assembly line can all lead to back pain, injury, and discomfort.

For most individuals, back injuries on the job in California occur when a person is exerted for too long, and the back pain may last for a few weeks to a few months. (Click Here to View Source) Most back pain is not chronic pain and requires only rest and healing time for people to fully recover. But injured employees should consult with a doctor who may suggest physical exercises to help speed up the recovery time.

Recovery time, and thus time unable to work due to the back injury and pain, can be extremely vital and valuable to a family who depends on an employee for support and finances. Therefore, one of the most important factors to staying healthy is back injury and pain prevention. By using the proper gear and attire, along with proper techniques, employees can prevent against unwanted back pain and a non-accidental back or spine injury.

Adequate arch support and proper shoes can help people whose occupation requires standing, walking, and twisting daily. Back braces can also help reinforce the spinal cord while lifting and shifting heavy objects and equipment. In an office environment, sitting upright and using an ergonomic keyboard and mouse can additionally help prevent back problems and pain.

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Employers can also help to monitor the proper use of equipment in the prevention of back injury, back pulls or strains, and pain. Some California companies also purchase or may have access to occupational health provider services through their workers compensation insurance. These providers help to teach employees the proper positions and techniques that reduce their risk of injury and stress and what jobs are best for individual workers with chronic back pain. Both employees and employers must fill out and file claims for an injured worker by contacting their California workers compensation insurance provider.

It is illegal for an employer to deny treatment for an employee that has been injured in a work environment and granted financial aid after the results of an insurance claim.

California occupational health providers offer assistance when dealing with a variety of hazards, including back injuries, infections, and stress.

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