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FDA Recall on Granuflo

A product recall on pharmaceutical products concerns patients and consumers who use physician-prescribed medications. Recently, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a Class 1 recall on Granuflo, a dry acid concentrate used to help dialysis patients in response to treating kidney failure. Fresenius Medical Care North America, Inc. produces and distributes Granuflo, but failed to mention that by using Granuflo during the hemodialysis process, a patient’s bicarbonate blood levels could drastically increase leading to potentially dangerous complications. Without accurate warning labels, physicians and nurses unknowingly put patients at risk of heart attacks while attempting to treat kidney failure. Hundreds have reported cardiac episodes while undergoing dialysis without the manufacturer’s proper disclosure of side effects on a warning label.

Individuals undergoing dialysis are treating kidney failure caused by either chronic diseases or kidney injuries. Granuflo consists of dry acid concentrate used during dialysis to help filter blood while replenishing detrimental electrolytes. However, by using Granuflo in the process, patients are more likely to experience heart attacks and fatal cardiac events. The majority of patients who experienced heart complications due in direct relation to Granuflo experienced cardiac episodes within 72 hours of dialysis treatment.

Dialysis patients suffer enough with treatments, even without additional life threatening facets. If you or a loved one experienced a cardiac episode or heart attack within 72 hours of dialysis treatment, call an attorney today. The makers of Granuflo may be liable for endangering your life. After seeking medical assistance, contact aPersonal Injury Attorney in Long Beach, California for a free legal consultation. Alvandi Law Group attorneys can help by providing legal advice for individual cases. For class action lawsuits, pharmaceutical attorneys provide resources to ensure families receive adequate compensation for medical expenses and any emotional strain that may have been caused. Call today at ">(800) 980-6905 and speak with a professional attorney immediately.