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Listeria Contamination Cause for California-Based Recall

Californians must be on the lookout for bad fruit. A local packing company has issued a voluntary recall for select fruit varieties thought to be contaminated with Lysteria Monocytogenes. The fruits were packaged and shipped between June 1 and June 12 of this year. According to the CDC, Listeria is an infection in humans that comes as a result of ingesting the bacteria named above. It can produce fatal reactions in some people, particularly those who are very young, elderly, or contending with weakened immune systems. In general, it will not kill healthy individuals, but can produce very negative reactions including nausea, muscle stiffness, severe headaches, high fever, and diarrhea. The infection has also been known to wreak havoc for pregnant women, frequently resulting in miscarriages and stillbirths.

Evidence of Listeria’s possible severity was seen in April of 2014. A total of eight people, in two different states, were infected in this outbreak brought on by listeria monocytogenes. Seven required hospitalization and there was one confirmed death. That April contamination was linked to Roos Foods Dairy.

In today’s news, it is Wawona Packing issuing the necessary recall. The fruits impacted were shipped to retailers and wholesalers in bags and boxes during the specified dates in June. For those concerned that they may have contaminated food goods, a list and photographs are available for verification. Any potentially tainted food items should be discarded.

Wegmans, a NY-based grocery store with several chains on the east coast were forced to issue their own recall as a result of the part played by Wawona Packing. The grocery chain, which produces its own fresh baked goods, used the fruits in several products. Baked goods sold between June 1st and June 20th with plums, nectarines, or peaches on the ingredient label may be contaminated.

Anyone who believes they have suffered a contamination-related illness, should seek immediate medical care and consult a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.