Toxic Exposure Claims in Orange County

Have you suffered a serious illness that caused debilitation and required expensive medical treatments? Do you suspect that a hazardous substance at your job may have been the cause of it? When you are hurt by toxic exposure while working, or think that you have been, you need to contact Alvandi Law Group, P.C. We have secured more than $100 million for our clients in the past and may be able to collect a sizeable recovery for you.

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Exposure Risks Across All Industries

While it may be true that construction workers and firefighters are more likely to encounter a toxic substance, chemical, or material while on-the-job when compared to most other careers, the truth remains that toxic exposure can hurt anyone.

Even the retail employee who helps clean the facilities could be exposed to caustic cleaning chemicals and suffer injury. It is the duty of employers and property controllers to store toxic substances responsibly. If they do not, the liability for any resulting injuries could be on their shoulders.

Some of the toxic chemical substances a worker may encounter include:

Consequences of Toxic Exposure

Depending on the toxic substance to which you have been exposed, your injuries or symptoms could greatly vary in both occurrence and severity. Some chemical compounds are so dangerous, they will cause immediate and catastrophic injury upon initial exposure. Others may slowly damage a person’s body over time, causing complications that are unnoticeable but wrongly not diagnosed as a result of toxic exposure.

There are consequences that are more common than others, such as:

  • Weakness and nausea
  • Rashes or itchiness
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Eye watering or irritation

We Fight for Workers’ Rights

Our Orange County toxic exposure lawyers are entirely focused on cases that affect hard-working Californians. We genuinely want to see you recover both physically and financially after your employer has allowed you to suffer due to toxic exposure. Negligence that puts others in danger must be corrected in whatever way necessary, and that usually means bringing a lawsuit against them. Although a conference room settlement is ideal for it resolves your case quicker, we are always prepare for a courtroom contest. It is just one of the many ways Alvandi Law Group stands apart from the rest.

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