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Occupational Transportation Accidents

The world seems smaller as the ability to travel and transport goods becomes more convenient with different types of transportation. The expansion of products and services encourages industries to use cars, trucks, planes, trains, and even motorcycles to move products and meet demands efficiently. Workers and drivers responsible for transporting products across the nation, and around the globe, often face dangers while on the job. Even trained professional drivers face uncontrollable conditions such as road hazards, equipment malfunctions, and harsh weather conditions that may cause additional transportation accidents. Federal agencies such as the National Transportation Safety Board strive to protect the road and drivers against many dangers of transportation accidents. Click HERE for transportation safety information and to better understand the hazards that may affect family and friends. Even with Federal protection for workers and roadways, accidents still happen. Car rollovers are the most dangerous type of transportation accidents in California with the highest number of fatalities. A victim of a rollover accident, may experience whiplash and disorientation, injuries to the brain and spinal column, damage to the nervous system causing paralysis, and, in the worst cases, death. Cars, SUVs, trucks, or semi-trucks may be involved in a rollover. Semi-trailer trucks, because of an increase in weight and mass, present separate hazards to the road and drivers. Because semi-trucks are so large and immense, they are insusceptible to fast reactions and may cause accidents known as jackknife accidents in California. During a jackknife, the truck driver attempts to decelerate, but the heavy trailer fails to slow and therefore swings forward at a 90 degree angle causing an obstruction on the road for other drivers. Such an accident may be fatal to other cars and pedestrians, as well as to the driver of the truck. Click HERE for descriptions and methods of preventing jackknife truck and trailer accidents. California attorneys specializing in jackknife accidents may offer helpful advice to victims of trucking accidents.

Some precautions such as using the right equipment, wearing a safety belt, and driving on wheels safe for road conditions, may at times help prevent some transportation accidents. Even considering these conditions, many factors are uncontrollable. Cars, trucks, and motorcycles rate the highest and most fatal of transportation accidents per mile traveled compared to air transportation. Attorneys specializing in truck or motorcycle accidents may help to seek justice for families who have lost loved ones in accidents. As attorneys, the truck accident lawyers and workers compensation attorneys of San Bernardino and motorcycle accident and personal injury attorneys of Long Beach devote their work to fairly representing their clients. To seek a professional’s opinion and to receive a free consultation regarding a personal transportation accident, contact Alvandi Law Group at ">(800) 980-6905.